Wellness Restoration


what are you craving?
MORE ENERGY? Less pain? more meaningful relationships? More balance?


Each month, our doors are open to the community for a free Wellness Restoration Hour with Meridian Integrative Wellness founder + nationally board certified health coach, Jessica Hill Powell. She'll use her expertise in behavior change strategy to help you develop an understanding of the neuroscience behind behavior change, why you may have tried to change habits and failed in the past and how to best navigate your way to successfully reaching your health goals. 

This is an interactive class, so be sure to invite your friends for an evening of learning, connection, self-care and fun! This is an opportunity to slow down and reflect on where you are vs. where you'd like to be in all areas of your life.  

You’ll leave class with these important takeaways:

  • More awareness of how to turn your past “failures” into learning and success
  • Motivation to take the first steps in creating the health and balance you desire.
  • Knowledge of how Meridian Integrative Wellness can help you reach your health goals.

Get free access to Cultivating Resilience by submitting your info below. This guide includes:

  • Expert advice on how to approach lifestyle change from nationally board certified health coach and Meridian Integrative Wellness founder, Jessica Hill Powell.
  • Twelve pages of self-care for mind, body & spirit to promote stress relief and resilience. 
  • A new way to examine and learn valuable information from your unhealthy coping mechanisms.
  • Meditation how-to's, including how to find time to fit it in your already busy life! 
  • Healthy boundaries as a way to honor yourself and other people simultaneously.
  • Practical tips to help you plan for good nutrition, plus a sample meal plan, grocery list and blank templates.