If you pay attention to media, social or otherwise, you know that alcohol is steeped in our culture. It's used to unwind, celebrate, soothe, commiserate and everything in between. Drinking alcohol isn't just socially acceptable, it's normalized in all occasions and often encouraged. Loosen up a little, won't you?! 

But have you ever stopped to think about why you drink, and if the pros of drinking alcohol outweighs the cons for you?

Watch the latest video blog post, The Truth About ‘Unwinding’ With Alcohol and learn:

  1. Why you may be resistant to the idea of taking a break from booze.
  2. How alcohol makes anxiety worse
  3. Three solid action steps to take right now to help you further examine your relationship with alcohol and help you determine your next steps.


Create Insight, Turn it into Action

And share your answers by commenting below!

  • What will my future look like if I change my drinking habits? What will my future look like if I don't change my drinking habits?
  • If you've decided to give yourself a break from booze to start exploring your relationship with alcohol, come up with your "if/ then" scenarios and write them down. 
    • If you're committed to participating in our 2021 Inner Dialogue Challenge, what time of day works best for you to do The Work? How long will you spend doing The Work? 
    • Here are a couple pro tips to help you through the challenge:
      • Even a 5-10 minute daily commitment is beneficial!
      • Consider stacking your Internal Dialogue Challenge with a daily habit you already have established. And repetition is important here- that's why it's a 2 week challenge- so you have 14 opportunities to turn your thoughts around and start feeling better! 

    More, please:

    Simple, Effective Self-Soothing Techniques to Avoid Stress Overload, Part 1

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