Stressors & Social Media

June 14, 2022 0 comments

Hello, friends! I'm Jessica and this is The Reclamation, a twice monthly publication from Meridian Integrative Wellness that Inspires Courageous Action for Inside Out Healing. 

The content of today's 8-minute video includes:

  1. The stressors vs. stress itself, what is within the realm of our control and what isn't.  
  2. Positive and negatives of participation. 
  3. A challenge to assess your relationship with social media.

Grab your journal, these are your action steps

Sure, you could just think about this instead of writing it down. But I strongly urge you to write it in your journal, talk to another human about it, or leave a comment below because sharing your thoughts and ideas with others helps to build momentum, excitement, and insight. And— it leads to more action! This is precisely why you're here, you want to make some change and get healthier. 

  1. Evaluate your relationship with social media by writing out an old-fashioned pros and cons list. Is your overall experience of social media good, bad, or neutral?
  2. How would your life be positively impacted if you were to quit social media temporarily or entirely?
  3. What steps would you need to take to break your social media habit or transform your experience? 

until next timeyou know what to do

Evaluate your social media relationship by answering those questions, Make an action plan and work some magic on your stress. And make sure to leave a comment on what aspects of health you're concerned with improving! 

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