Want to get your spouse excited about healthier eating?

It's no news to you that relationships and nutrition are two major players in your overall sense of well-being. And these two aren't always without friction. I see it all the time in my health coaching practice; one spouse has a deep desire to make changes in their diet, the other spouse shows resistance to change. Both don't want to give up the joy in eating. 

If this scenario sounds familiar, I'm here with some good news today. You don't have to give up the joyful part of eating to be healthy. You can create delicious meals, either quick and easy or elaborate as you want, that keep your nutritional needs in mind. Even better, you can learn to love a new way of eating WITH your spouse!

In our upcoming Veg-Centric series of classes, Wellness Chef Rhona Kamar will share plant based ingredients that easily replace animal based ones, basic cooking technique for nutrient dense, delicious dishes. In this 3-part series, each 2hr class will feature a different group of vegetables to work with: Aromatic, Hearty Greens, & Cruciferous.

There will be gluten free, soy free, and vegan recipes built around fall seasonal produce. We will also speak on how to adapt each recipes to different diets including Paleo and Vegetarian. Purchase the class package (big savings!) if you can attend all 3 classes, or drop in a class individually.

I look forward to seeing how your relationship and your nutrition flourish as a result of this hands-on class!

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