Simple, Effective Self-Soothing Techniques to Avoid Stress Overload, Part 2

November 2, 2021 0 comments

Now that Halloween's over, the holiday buzz is really amping up.  And with Covid-19 still very much around, I'm guessing that your holiday stress could go well beyond navigating annoying in-laws, political conversations and who's bringing what to dinner. 

If you're tired of leaning on the same old coping mechanisms that make you feel better in the moment then leave you feeling worse, it's time with learn something new! Start with Part 1 if you missed it, or watch the video below.

Watch this 9 minute video, Simple, Effective Self-Soothing Techniques To Avoid Stress Overload Part 2and learn:

  1. How aromatherapy impacts mood
  2. How to identify whether an essential oil will have an uplifting or calming effect
  3. The most highly recommended oils for mood support
  4. How to use essential oils to calm anxiousness and overwhelm 

Create Insight, Turn it into Action

And share your answers by commenting below!

  • If you're willing to try aromatherapy for stress relief, which oils will you start with and where will you buy them? (I'll include a link below that will be most helpful for you in finding high quality oils!)
  • Are certain times of day or situations that you typically experience higher levels of anxiousness or overwhelm?
  • Considering when you feel your stress levels rising, how will you use your oils to help manage your mood? 
  • How can you use aromatherapy in both proactive and reactive ways? 
  • Consider stacking your new Aromatherapy practice with a daily habit you already have established. And repetition is important here! Don't expect to do it once and have it change your life. 

More, please:

Simple, Effective Self-Soothing Techniques to Avoid Stress Overload, Part 1

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