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From the desk of Meridian Integrative Wellness founder, Jessica Hill Powell

NBC-HWC, RYT-200, Integrative Health Coach

Hi, I'm Jessica Hill Powell. I serve clients at Meridian Integrative Wellness through my expertise in behavior change and health coaching. I'm also the founder of this business, the embodiment of all of my passions: the psychology of change, continued education, mentorship, natural wellness, and personal growth & empowerment. I have a degree in Psychology from Bellarmine University and was trained and certified as an Integrative Health Coach at Duke University, then later nationally board certified. I'm also a trained yoga instructor. Aside from my own private health coaching practice, I teach meditation and breath work, a seasonal Wellness Reboot, and a regularly scheduled community Wellness Restoration Hour.

Me in a nut-shell: Mama x4. INFJ. Yogi. Foodie. Feminist. Gardener. Creative. Forever Student. Wellness Advocate.

To our beloved community,

As the state of Kentucky begins to slowly reopen while still facing the many challenges of this pandemic, your safety and the safety of our practitioners are top of mind. In accordance with orders from Governor Andy Beshear, we are taking great measures to ensure our best efforts are being made to stop the spread of COVID-19. Here's what we're doing: 



Continue telework where possible. This means that your therapists and coaches will continue to see you via telehealth unless it's deemed that you would significantly benefit from in-person care. Based on the currently population we serve, these cases are few and far between. 


Enforce social distancing. We will ensure, to the greatest extent practicable, that our practitioners who are not able to telework and must be physically present at the office remain a minimum of six (6) feet away from all other practitioners and clients unless closer interaction is absolutely required to perform their job duties. 


Limit face-to-face interaction. We will ensure that practitioners minimize face-to-face contact with one another and with customers to the greatest extent practicable. Meetings will be conducted via telephone or online when possible.


Universal masks and any other necessary PPE.  We will ensure, to the greatest extent practicable, that practitioners and clients wear a cloth mask. We are not requiring clients to wear a mask when masking would create a serious health or safety hazard. Discuss this with your practitioner prior to your appointment if you're concerned.  We are not requiring practitioners to mask if working alone in their offices, or is working alone in an area with more than six (6) feet of social distancing. In addition to masks, our biofeedback practitioner will be gloved when applying/ taking off sensors or otherwise touching clients. Gloves will be worn and regularly replaced by all practitioners who are touching items often touched by others (e.g., credit cards/cash, papers, electric tea kettle, etc.) 


Required masks.  According to the guidelines set forth by the state of Kentucky's Healthy at Work initiative, entities should encourage customers to wear masks and may refuse to serve any customer who is not wearing a mask. Because we serve some high risk clients, we take this very seriously. Unless masking would create a serious health or safety hazard for you, and you have discussed this with your practitioner prior to your appointment, in-office service will be refused.


Adequate Hand Sanitizer and Encouraging Hand Washing. We will supply adequate hand sanitizer (60% alcohol content or higher) for both practitioners and clients and ensure that it is made available near high-traffic and high-touch areas (e.g., doors or door handles). We will also encourage routine and consistent hand washing for practitioners and clients.


Restrict Common Areas. We will, to the greatest extent practicable, restrict our common areas including our lobby and kitchen to maximize social distancing and reduce congregating. As more of our practitioners begin to see clients face-to-face, you may be asked to wait in your car for a call or text before coming into the office to avoid contact with other clients in our lobby area. 


Proper sanitation. We will sanitize frequently touched surfaces and areas (e.g., door knobs, credit card machines, etc) in accordance with CDC guidelines. If we identify a practitioner or client who has COVID-19 or the associated symptoms, we will further ensure that we immediately restrict access to contaminated areas and post signage and adequately clean impacted areas. Any contaminated area will be off-limits to all but essential personnel for a minimum of 24 hours if practicable.


Conduct daily temperature/health checks. We will require practitioners to undergo daily self-administered temperature and health checks.  Health check includes answering yes or no to the following questions: 

  1. Have you had any of the CDC-recognized COVID-19 symptoms since your last day at work or the last time you were here? 
  2. Is there anyone in your household who is showing COVID-19 symptoms or who has been diagnosed with COVID-19?
  3. Have you been in close contact with anyone exhibiting sign or symptoms of fever, persistent cough or shortness of breath consistent with COVID-19 who has not been tested or is still awaiting testing?

**The current CDC-recognized COVID-19 symptoms are available here. These symptoms are sometimes updated or supplemented, so we will be sure to check this website regularly and update our assessment in line with CDC guidance.

Practitioners who have a fever of more that 100.4 and/or any symptoms of COVID-19 will be directed to their health care provider to be tested and then instructed to quarantine at home as soon as any illness is detected. This includes practitioners that passed a temperature and health check prior to reporting to work but became ill during the course of the day. 


Create a testing plan. We will ensure that any practitioner with COVID-19 symptoms is tested by a health care provider for COVID-19 within 36 hours. We will ensure that practitioners are trained on how to isolate individuals with suspected or confirmed COVID- 19 and how to report possible cases. If a practitioner tests positive, we will immediately notify the local public health department.


Make special accommodations. We will, to the greatest extent practicable, make special accommodations for practitioners and clients at higher risk for severe illness. Individuals in these high-risk categories have been identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – further information is available by clicking here.


Designate a “Healthy at Work” Officer. As the owner of Meridian Integrative Wellness, I am our Healthy at Work Officer. I will be responsible for compliance with this guidance and any other guidance provided. We will allow for practitioners to identify and communicate potential improvements and/or concerns to the Healthy at Work designated Officer or management.


Educate and Train Practitioners. We will educate and train all individuals, including practitioners, temporary employees, contractors, vendors, clients, etc., regarding the Healthy at Work protocols.


Contact Notification Responsibilities. We will be prepared to assist public health officials if a practitioner tests positive or becomes exposed to COVID-19. This assistance includes, but is not limited to, providing the practitioner’s work schedule, workstation, hours or shifts worked, when the practitioner was potentially exposed, and the names and contact information of any other employee or other party exposed to the virus. Additional information about Contact Notification Responsibilities can be found on the last page of the Contact Notification Responsibilities Section of the Healthy at Work minimum requirements.

I know this is a lot, for both our practitioners and our clients, but as humans who love other humans, valuing their lives and health, this is what we must do for now. For most of our community, you will simply continue to benefit from the use of telehealth services. But for the few who are in our office, I want you to know we are taking every precaution as laid out by CDC and the state of Kentucky, to make sure you are protected.

All the best, 

Jessica Hill Powell, NBC-HWC, RYT-200
Founder + Health Coach at Meridian Integrative Wellness

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Jessica Hill Powell, NBC-HWC, RYT-200, Integrative Health Coach
Jessica Hill Powell, NBC-HWC, RYT-200, is a nationally board certified health coach and has expertise centered around holistic wellness and behavior change. From yoga to aromatherapy to neuroscience on behavior change, she is informed by a variety of modalities in her practice, all with one goal in mind: physical and emotional well-being. She loves working with folks who face complex health issues, including autoimmune diseases, diabetes and other chronic conditions because it's so rewarding to witness them heal and take back their sense of well-being, much like she's done in her own life. Jessica in a nut-shell: Mama x4. INFJ. Yogi. Foodie. Feminist. Plant Lover. Creative. Forever Student.

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