Parent Education


Parenting is both a wonderful gift and a great challenge. All of the classes offered have the same goals in mind. They will help you create more love and harmony in your home and relationships with your children, create understanding about your child's development and give you tools to meet them where they are. Ultimately you want to have a relationship built on trust and mutual respect that you and  your child will enjoy well into their adulthood; we have the tools to help you get there. 

Not sure if Parenting classes are right for you? You're in the right place if: 

Learn to parent toddlers and children with more ease

  • You want to parent differently than your parents.
  • You want to be more patient and understanding.
  • You need practical tools to help your family.
  • You crave more love and less chaos in your home. 
  • You want to better understand how to be supportive to your child.
  • You want to be less reactive and more proactive in your parenting. 
  • You are tired of yelling at your child. 
  • You want to learn how to correct misbehavior and still be respectful of your child. 
  • You want your child to feel loved and valued. 

Learn how to better parent and stay connected with your teen

Debbie Godfrey, Parenting Expert

Debbie Godfrey, certified Parent Educator, brings over 25 years of expertise in the parenting education field. She most frequently teaches a 2 hour intensive class, "No I won't, you can't make me!" and a 5 week series, Redirecting Children’s Behavior parenting skills class, among others. If your kids are driving you insane, she's the person who can help teach you tools and practices that will create a lot more love and a lot less chaos. Teaching with compassion and humor, parents LOVE her classes because they're practical and provide tools they can go home and use immediately with their kids. 

Debbie in a nut-shell: Mom. Granny of 5. Adventurer. Lover of glamping, dancing, and horseback riding. 

Shelly Sowell, M.Ed., LPCC

Shelly Sowell, M.Ed., LPCC, is professional clinical counselor who is passionate about helping people bring deeper awareness and balance to their lives, in order to create more meaningful and inspired living.  She teaches, counsels and creates from an integrated wellness approach that includes developmental, relational-cultural, and body-centered models of therapy and healing. Her work in parent education centers around mindfulness and brain architecture. She most frequently teaches Intro to Mindful Parenting and Growing Healthy Kids in the Digital Age, as well as others.

Shelly in a nut-shell: Mama x1. Intuitive. Passionate Learner. Mindful. Nature Loving Coffee Connoisseur. 

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