More real, less perfectionism + professionalism

April 29, 2020 0 comments

After posting this article Red Flags, White Flags and Non-Negotiables last week, an editor from Today's Woman magazine asked if they could publish part of it in their upcoming May 2020 issue. They wanted to show what #healthyathome real life looks like for Kentuckians. Naturally, I put on some mascara and picked up discarded snack wrappers from the living room floor for the photo they requested. You know, because I didn't want to look too trashy in a published magazine. However, after taking the photo I did remember that I still had on my favorite Pink Floyd shirt that I slept in the night before, I hadn't even put on a bra, and of course, the 3 year old is a blur of blonde hair and nakedness. Very fitting for the times. 

Based on the overwhelming response I received from that one little piece of writing, what I'm realizing these days is that you don't need the polished version of me. You don't need the me that is hiding behind the mask of "professionalism." You need the real person, who you can see struggling and also overcoming. I have had a lot of struggling in my own journey and the wisdom that's come from that is what makes me really good at what I do as a health coach. I'll be sharing some more of what my own struggles with my autoimmune disorder, depression, trauma and parenting have been like, and what I do on a regular basis to deal with the hard things that come up in my life.

I'm committing to lifting the veil and yes, part of that is being vulnerable. While it makes my stomach turn just a bit to be so open in a public forum, it's because I'm used to presenting my "best self" to the world, and hiding away the messiest bits. It's becoming ok with me to let go of that for a couple reasons: 

  1. It's more helpful to you. 
  2. It allows me to breathe a little easier too because I'm not trying to be the version of perfect that I thought you expected me to be.
How freeing for us both!  
That's it for now. More real, less perfectionism and "professionalism." More open, less closed.


  • How can you be more real, open and honest with yourself or others today?
  • What's been weighing you down that you can try to let go of? 

All the best, 

Jessica Hill Powell, NBC-HWC, RYT-200
Founder + Health Coach at Meridian Integrative Wellness

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