Monthly Wellness Restoration Hour


what are you craving?
MORE ENERGY? Less pain? more meaningful relationships? More balance?


Each month, our doors are open to the community for a free Wellness Restoration Hour with Meridian Integrative Wellness founder, Jessica Hill Powell. She'll use this time to help you develop a vision for your best health and set goals for how to get there. Using her knowledge as an integrative health coach, she'll discuss balance of mind, body & spirit, commonly recommended lifestyle changes made by health care providers, and unique challenges and roadblocks we all experience.  

This is an opportunity to slow down and reflect on where you are vs. where you'd like to be in all areas of your life.  This fun and interactive experience will leave you with motivation to take the first steps in creating the health and balance you desire and knowledge of how Meridian Integrative Wellness can help you reach your goals. 

Aside from our regularly scheduled classes, we offer an array of creative and wellness centered learning opportunities as pop-ups. ​ Sign up below to get first dibsspecial offers and be the first to know about all the cool stuff going on in our classroom.