Mindfulness Meditation


Mindfulness is a practice

Mindfulness is simply bringing your attention to the present moment, which you can develop through the practice of meditation, breath work, body-scan, walking meditation, guided imagery and mindful eating. Mindfulness is the goal of any meditation practice; it's the thing you carry with you into your daily life outside of your practice, where you see the benefits of your time in meditation. If you're a little intimidated by the idea of meditation that's understandable. But even you, with your fast-paced life and mile long to-do list, inability to sit still and lack of concentration, can not only do it, you can enjoy it!  Put in a little effort and time, and you're there. Promise.



Sharpen your mind.  

Meditation increases mental strength, focus, memory retention and recall. It enables better cognitive skills and creative thinking, better decision making and problem solving.


Improve your physical health.

There are a number of physical benefits that come from meditation, most of which seem to tie back to the decrease of stress. Meditation improves immunity and energy levels, improves breathing, heart rates, and reduces blood pressure.


Increase your emotional well-being.

Meditation lessens worry, anxiety, and impulsivity as well as stress, fear, loneliness and depression. It enhances self-esteem and self-acceptance. It improves resilience against pain and adversity, increases optimism, relaxation and awareness. It also improves mood and emotional intelligence.

Free Resource: Build Your Meditation Practice 

Sign up below for free access to our Build Your Meditation Practice eight week challenge. These are guided meditations that anyone can do— you start with just two minutes a day and build to twenty minutes over the course of eight weeks. Remember, slow and steady is the surest bet to get to the sustainable change you desire.


Work on specific breathing techniques to promote calm, balance energy and stabilize mood. If you feel like your stress levels are more than you're comfortable with, pranayama sessions are the perfect addition to your self-care practice.

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  • Gain perspective
  • Become more resilient
  • Navigate complex health issues
  • Increase your sense of well-being