Counseling Therapy


Julie Ciriano, LCSW

Julie Ciriano, LCSW has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 2004, with a master's degree is social work from IUPUI in 1998 and a bachelor of arts in Psychology + Sociology from Indiana University in 1996. She's trained and used EMDR since 2008 and was certified in Havening in 2018. She accepts both Humana and Anthem insurance. 

She has a great deal of experience working with individuals with depression, anxiety and PTSD, as well as families with various interpersonal issues. Clients often seek her to assist in navigating through difficult relationships with family members, as well as coping with recent or past traumas. Using EMDR and Havening, she teaches clients that they can lessen negative emotional and physical reactions to past trauma. Mind-body connection is an integral part of her practice.

Julie in a nut-shell: Mama x3. Foodie. Avid Exerciser. Lover of movies, travel and books.


Havening is a therapy modality that uses touch to reduce the effects of trauma.

  • Based on neuroscience
  • A gentle way to let go of traumatic feelings, memories and body sensations. 
  • Great for relaxation and to gain inner peace.


Individuals and families seek her expertise to address:

  • Recent or past trauma
  • Difficult relationships
  • Depression and/ or anxiety
  • PTSD
  • General stress/ overwhelm
  • Life transitions

EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

EMDR is a therapy modality that enables you to heal from the symptoms and emotional distress that are the result of disturbing life experiences.  Repeated studies show that by using EMDR therapy, you can experience the benefits of psychotherapy that once took years to make a difference.

It's widely assumed that severe emotional pain requires a long time to heal.  EMDR therapy shows that the mind can in fact heal from psychological trauma much as the body recovers from physical trauma.  When you cut your hand, your body works to close the wound.  If a foreign object or repeated injury irritates the wound, it festers and causes pain.  Once the block is removed, healing resumes. 

Reach Julie directly at (502) 533-3764 or submit your contact info below to schedule an appointment.

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