Integrative Practitioners Collaborative


Hybrid in-person/ virtual meetings will resume in 2021.

Louisville Integrative Practitioners Collaborative (L.I.P.C.) is a free monthly meeting for local practitioners that provides support, learning and networking. Space is limited to 25 people; a reservation is required. 

Integrative wellness practitioners are healthcare and healing arts professionals who are committed to seeing the whole person within their cultural context and the interconnection of all systems in the body/ mind. They actively cultivate a professional lens of multiple evidence-based modalities in their field and/or interdisciplinary fields for understanding optimal human growth and development.  When clients work with integrative wellness practitioners they are engaging in a deeper understanding of their mind/body connection and exploring a collaborative treatment plan that can include a synthesis of Western and Eastern healthcare modalities, psychotherapy, movement, nutrition, mindfulness, lifestyle changes, and coaching.

We typically meet on the 4th Wednesday of every month from 8:30-10:00 a.m. with the following schedule: 

8:15- Doors open, coffee + tea available

8:30-9:00- Introductions; please come prepared to introduce yourself and your work to the group in 30-45 seconds

9:00-9:30- Speaker; rotates monthly, we seek to learn from practitioners of varying healthcare modalities

9:30-10:00- Networking, collaboration, development of new ideas in small groups

Not sure if L.I.P.C. is right for you? You'll fit in perfectly if: 

  • You're a health care or healing arts professional who serves from a holistic perspective.
  • You enjoy sharing new ideas and gain inspiration from collaborating with others with a similar approach to client/ patient care. 
  • You want to make the most effective use of your time while meeting other local practitioners.
  • You have a multidisciplinary approach and  you want to further expand your knowledge of what Louisville has to offer in order to make better referrals for your clients. 
  • You value learning from the expertise of other local practitioners. 
  • You embrace the idea of community over competition. 

reservations are required

Hybrid in-person/ virtual meetings will resume in 2021.

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Jessica Hill Powell,  founder of Meridian Integrative Wellness

Jessica Hill Powell is the founder of Meridian Integrative Wellness, a business that is the embodiment of all of her passions: the psychology of change, continued education, mentorship, natural wellness, and personal growth & empowerment. She has a degree in Psychology from Bellarmine University and was trained as an Integrative Health Coach at Duke University. She's also a certified yoga instructor. Aside from her own private health coaching practice, she teaches Demystifying Meditation, as well as a free quarterly Wellness Restoration Hour

Jessica in a nut-shell: Mama x4. Yogi. Foodie. Gardener. Creative. Forever Student. Wellness Advocate.

Shelly Sowell, M.Ed., LPCC

Shelly Sowell, M.Ed., LPCC, is professional clinical counselor who is passionate about helping people bring deeper awareness and balance to their lives, in order to create more meaningful and inspired living.  She teaches, counsels and creates from an integrated wellness approach that includes developmental, relational-cultural, and body-centered models of therapy and healing. Her work in parent education centers around mindfulness and brain architecture. She most frequently teaches Intro to Mindful Parenting and Growing Healthy Kids in the Digital Age, as well as others.

Shelly in a nut-shell: Mama x1. Intuitive. Passionate Learner. Mindful. Nature Loving Coffee Connoisseur.

John Russell Stanger, Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

John Russell Stanger is a Marriage and Family Therapist Associate, working with individuals, couples and families with diverse backgrounds and issues. His approach to therapy is warm and collaborative. He enjoys creating a supportive environment for you to discover new possibilities for growth and transformation. He maintains a private practice with offices in Louisville, KY and Lebanon, KY.  

To his work as a therapist, he brings over a decade of experience working with adolescents outside the therapy room. He particularly enjoys helping adolescents with school, family, anxiety, depression, and identity issues. 

John Russell in a nut-shell: Dreamer. Cultivator of wholeness. Camping and hiking enthusiast. Global traveler. Forever Texan. Lover of overly complex board games. LGBTQ+ advocate.

Julie Ciriano, LCSW

Julie Ciriano, LCSW has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 2004, with a master's degree is social work from IUPUI in 1998 and a bachelor of arts in Psychology + Sociology from Indiana University in 1996. She's trained and used EMDR since 2008 and was certified in Havening in 2018. She accepts both Humana and Anthem insurance. 

She has a great deal of experience working with individuals with depression, anxiety and PTSD, as well as families with various inttwserpersonal issues. Clients often seek her to assist in navigating through difficult relationships with family members, as well as coping with recent or past traumas. Using EMDR and Havening, she teaches clients that they can lessen negative emotional and physical reactions to past trauma. Mind-body connection is an integral part of her practice.

Julie in a nut-shell: Mama x3. Foodie. Avid Exerciser. Lover of movies, travel and books.

Robin Aleksevitch, R.N., Biofeedback Practitioner

Robin Aleksevitch, RN serves clients at Meridian Integrative Wellness as a Biofeedback Practitioner.

She has been Registered Nurse for over 33 years, receiving her Bachelors Degrees in Nursing, Psychology and English from the University of South Dakota. Working as a nurse in cardiac, behavioral and school nursing, she has seen the impact stress plays on our body, mind and health. She uses biofeedback to help you to connect with your body to reduce pain, manage stress, headaches and so much more. She is also a reiki master and loves the benefits of essential oils. 

Robin in a nut-shell: Mama x3. Grandma x1. Nurse. Artist. Healer. Hiker. Traveler. Life Changer. Wellness Advocate.

Alyson Hendry, M.A., CCC-SLP,  Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Alyson Hendry, M.A., CCC-SLP, is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Speech-Language Pathologist.  She specializes in helping educators, medical providers, and caregivers of individuals with special needs prioritize and find time for much needed self care.  She has an integrative approach that will help you explore the connection between the way you fuel your life (career, relationships, etc.) and the way you fuel your body (food and exercise).  She believes eating quality, whole foods is one of the key cornerstones to healing our bodies and brains.  BUT-- all the kale and broccoli in the world cannot fully counteract a stressful lifestyle. Healthy eating alone cannot counteract toxicities in other areas of our lives.  She hosts various hands-on classes in our classroom and kitchen space to create ongoing community and support amongst those experimenting with changing their eating and lifestyle habits. 

Alyson in a nutshell: Healthy Habits Enthusiast. Nature Lover. Traveler. Caregiver. Forever Student. Recovering Perfectionist.

Rhona Kamar, Wellness Chef, author of

Rhona Kamar, Wellness Chef, has a degree in journalism from the University of Kentucky and is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She's been creating healthy dishes for her family's restaurant Ramsi's Cafe on the World for over 20 years and is the author of, a website dedicated to healthy cooking and other practices for a life of vibrant energy.  She currently hosts an array of seasonal offerings, including Veg-Centric, Seasonal Edition: Delicious plant based dishes using seasonally appropriate produceHealthy & Easy Instant Pot Meals, and World Broth: Healing Bone Broth Recipes from Around the Globe. Rhona also writes about food, teaches cooking classes and creates personalized menus for private clients.  

Rhona in a nut-shell: Mama x3. Entrepreneur. Writer. Passionate cook. Prana junkie.

Elder Master John Price, 8th Degree Black Belt

Elder Master John Price, is the head instructor and owner of the Shaolin-Do Martial Arts School. His 40+ years of practice will help guide you through learning basics and prepare you for more advanced practice. He teaches Tai Chi at Meridian Integrative Wellness to support students becoming more connected with their mind/ body, as well as to decrease stress and improve strength and balance.

John in a nut-shell: Family Man. Disciplined Practitioner. Lifelong Learner. Calming Spirit.