Holiday Meals Made Healthy-ish

November 30, 2021 0 comments

Health-ing up your holiday meals is definitely a choose your battles type of endeavor. In reality, it's a couple meals at most, so who says you have to do any health-ing up to your recipes? A day here and there of not-so-great-for-you dishes isn't going to kill you, and it doesn't even have to set you back (if you don't let it.) The problem is that once you perceived you've gone "off the deep end" it's often hard to reel it back in. This all or nothing mentality is something I've struggled with and many of my clients do too. So here's your invitation join me in not participating in all-or-nothing-thinking this year around your food choices. 

Watch this 8 minute video, Holiday Meals Made Healthy-ish and learn:

  1. How to decide what to keep on your menu for traditions' sake, and what to try to give a healthy-ish makeover

  2. What ingredients you can use to substitute for common gut irritants like dairy, grains and more.

Create Insight, Turn it into Action

  • Which dishes are you keeping on your menu in all their glory and why?

  • Which dishes are you going to give a healthy-ish makeover? What ingredient substitutions will you be using? 

  • How will these choices impact how you emotionally respond to your holiday meals, during and in the coming days and weeks after? 

  • More, please:

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    Give Your Family’s Favorite Meals a Healthful Makeover

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