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Megan C.

Mother of 3

Presenting issues: Autoimmune (POTS), Anemia 

Lightheadedness, shortness of breath, and fatigue were everyday occurrences for Megan before she healed her gut through nutrition.  She now has the energy she needs to parent her children and enjoy her life without being held back by chronic symptoms from her autoimmune disease.

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When I first started seeing Jessica I was pretty miserable. I was diagnosed with POTS and anemia. I experienced dizzy spells constantly throughout the day along with shortness of breath, lightheadedness, relentless stomach pains, high heart rate, and extreme fatigue. My anxiety was at an all-time high and my overall mood was at an all-time low.

Jessica eased me into a new eating plan over the course of several weeks. Together we came up with action steps, we planned for different scenarios that might derail success, and she asked some really difficult but necessary questions that helped me change my outlook. I never realized how much emotion was tied to food. I also never realized how many every day food products contained added sugar, corn syrup solids, MSG, and other additives. 

One of the most important things she taught me is to measure my success by how I feel. I've been told there is no cure for POTS. But I feel a thousand times better then when I started. My dizzy spells and stomach pains are down to a handful each month. My anemia is gone as is my lightheadedness, shortness of breath, and fatigue. I'm tapering down my medicines and my heart rate is improving. I'm so thankful and grateful to have found Jessica. She is super knowledgeable, respectful, and she held me accountable. I recommend her to anyone struggling with their health.

Stephanie R.

Retired, Chef

Presenting issues: Low energy levels, distended abdomen, sleeplessness, SIBO

Stephanie's history of starting things but not finishing them left her feeling less than confident that she could implement the lifestyle changes she needed to make to start feeling better.  Through coaching she was able to leave behind the self-defeating behaviors that plagued her in the past as she found new ways to overcome obstacles and find joy in the process. She's now thriving with improved digestive health, sleep and energy levels. 

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When I first met with Jessica I was rundown and desperate to find a diet that would support gut health.  I had tried several different approaches but was not finding relief from digestive issues that were a constant problem. Jessica patiently pulled me back from all the rabbit holes I had been going down in my search and encouraged me to be more patient with my body so that I could really listen to what it is telling me without blindly following a prescribed plan.

She taught me to forgive myself for the obstacles I had been placing in my own way, and strategies for removing those obstacles. She showed me that self discovery is not a struggle but a process of mindfulness that focuses on loving self awareness.  I still deal with some digestive issues but Jessica has taught me to approach those issues with acceptance, love, and understanding rather than frustration, disappointment, and defeat.  My work with Jessica reminds me of the parable….I was hungry.  Jessica did not just give me a fish to eat, she taught me how to fish.

Marla J.

Senior Analyst

Presenting issues:  Overweight, joint and muscular pain, high stress work environment

Marla learned  that stretch and breathing mini-breaks at her desk at work helped to tremendously reduce the amount of stress and headaches she experienced.  Reduced stress allows her to be more mindful about her nutrition, eating foods that support energy. She finally feels well enough to have fun again!

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I’m proud of the tools Jessica and I pulled together to help me deal with work stress more positively.  I am using breathing techniques and body stretches to help me move stress out of my body. I really spent time reflecting on the “whys” I do certain destructive behaviors.  Example: I know drinking sodas is bad for me.  I realized during our sessions and my digging deeper into my “whys” I turn to Coca Cola, I have an unpleasant taste in my mouth that water does not eliminate.  Instead of the “knowing scientifically sodas are bad,” learning one of the reasons why I reach for a coke helped me understand my issue and give me new

Jessica helped me brainstorm and look at challenges from a different prospective.  Instead of black and white, right and wrong, she worked with me to see multiple options to one issue.  Together we discussed if option one doesn’t work, have an option two and an option three already planned. She helped me to stop looking at failures when options didn’t work; instead, I learned ways that didn’t work and look for new options.

Health coaching has taught me to be more respectful of me; look for more than one option to tackle a problem; and look for learning opportunities if something doesn’t work.

Jeff B.

Entrepreneur, Restaurant Owner

Presenting issues: Inconsistent self care, desire to quit smoking, eliminate alcohol use

Jeff's biggest wins  were an increased sense of self worth, openness, and valuing personal relationships over work. He successfully established a regular self care and exercise routine, quit smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol.

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I am most proud of my new, improved, and more positive mindset after health coaching.  Jessica also helped me figure out better ways to prioritize things, and remember that I needed to attune those priorities to my goals.

Things I leaned were not bringing up older, negative stuff when trying to move forward (a big obstacle for me), but looking forward to make new positive things happen for myself.  What I found helpful was CLEARLY defining my goals so I can attain them better or easier, and to talk them out more specifically.  The thing I carried with me the most was that and keeping my forward focused plan in mind when doing things.  Move forward and get those clearly defined goals!

Jess B.

PhD, Professor

Presenting issues:  Anxiousness, poor work/ life balance

Jess was able to reclaim her peace of mind through establishing boundaries with work, which often bled into family time when she began coaching. She came to look forward to each coaching session, as she left feeling refreshed and reflective. The action steps we formulated were exactly the concrete directions she needed to help her reach her goals of improved work/ life balance

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I am most proud of a shift in how I approach my priorities, actually approaching them as priorities rather than feeling regret and guilt for not honoring them. I grew in my ability to set boundaries and carve out time I needed to address key projects at work, my own mindfulness, and limiting anxiety from work. 

Through coaching, I felt empowered to make small changes that had big impact on my wellness; without it, I would not have interrupted the habits I had developed that were getting in the way of my wellness. 

One of the biggest benefits of Jessica's coaching is heightened self-awareness combined with empowerment to make changes for improved wellness. She offers a collaborative approach that involves insightful questions that help her clients understand their own challenges and goals more clearly. She serves as a guide helping someone pinpoint areas they would like to improve and reasonable goals to make those improvements.

At the start of the process, as we considered my holistic wellness, we realized that while I started coaching to help with anxiety and gut issues, the focus of our time together would be mindfulness and setting boundaries at work. After each meeting, I walked away feeling refreshed and reflective as I considered Jessica's guiding questions. I also walked away with concrete tasks for the week that would help me meet my goals for improving my overall wellness. 

From coaching, I will take with me key ways to remain mindful in small, daily actions as well as the confidence that I can implement strategies to address challenges that may be impacting my wellness. I also take with me a mindset of mindfulness that will help me be supportive parent, friend, and colleague.

Ellie P.

Yoga Instructor + Wellness Coach

Presenting issues: Lack of clarity in career direction, self-confidence

Ellie found the clarity she needed to take the necessary steps toward a shift in her work life. Her self-confidence and trust in her own intuition grew exponentially during her time in coaching and she's now enjoying a more rewarding career. 

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I went to one of Jessica’s in-person Wellness Restoration Hours in early 2019.  I wanted to learn more about Health & Wellness Coaching and thought this would be a great opportunity to do just that.  After an hour of listening to Jessica and participating in some wellness activities I realized that what Jessica was offering was exactly what I was looking for.  I was in the middle of a life transition and trying to decide what the next phase in my life looked like from a professional standpoint.  

One of the earlier focuses in my coaching experience was to start shifting some of my mindsets about my talents and expertise.  I lacked the confidence to put myself in a new professional setting that I had clearly been educated and prepared for much earlier.  Jessica helped me overcome my fears and pushed me to take healthy risks.  She encouraged small steps towards my big goals and vision.  When my mind and thoughts would overwhelm me she encouraged me to journal.  This activity is something I had loathed in earlier years, but during my coaching experience, I found it very therapeutic.  It help me to get my thoughts out of my head and look at was really calling me and what was more of an unnecessary distraction.  

My fearlessness has grown exponentially since my coaching experience with Jessica.  Not much will hold me back from following an intuitive nudge these days.  I approach all new challenges and opportunities with curiosity rather than dread and uncertainty.  I am grateful that Jessica assisted me in sifting through the madness of life to uncover what I really needed to be walking towards.  I am truly thriving today!

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