Health Coaching


Have your previous attempts at changing a habit or beginning a new one on your own resulted in:

A.) feeling overwhelm and/ or defeat before you’ve even started 

B.) making lots of well-meaning plans that didn’t have any staying power

C.) burying your feelings with food or other not so great for you substances

D.) beating yourself up for not having made the change before now

E.) all of the above

If you answered E, all of the above, welcome. You're not alone. I can relate and so can every single one of the clients I serve. 

I can help you feel better, move closer to your health goals and become more resilient.

Jessica Hill Powell, Integrative Health Coach

I'm Jessica Hill Powell. I serve clients at Meridian Integrative Wellness through my expertise in human behavioral change and health coaching. I'm also the founder of the business, which is an embodiment of all of my passions: the psychology of change, continued education, mentorship, natural wellness, and personal growth & empowerment. I have a degree in Psychology from Bellarmine University and was trained as an Integrative Health Coach at Duke University. I'm also a certified yoga instructor. Aside from my own private health coaching practice, I teach meditation and breath work, and a regularly scheduled community Wellness Restoration Hour.

Me in a nut-shell: Mama x4. INFJ. Yogi. Foodie. Feminist. Gardener. Creative. Forever Student. Wellness Advocate.

AN INTEGRATIVE HEALTH COACH IS a behavior change expert. You are the expert on your own life. We meet in the middle through partnership to create a greater sense of well-being.

The health coaching process empowers you to make lasting health behavior changes that are the cornerstones of lifelong well-being. Health is impacted by many interconnected dimensions. These include the choices you make that affect your physical, mental, spiritual well-being and the medical care approaches you choose. 

I work to support you in discovering ways to successfully implement healthy lifestyle behaviors across all areas of life, bridging the gap between medical recommendations and your abilities to successfully implement those recommendations into real life.

I typically work with people who are going through major life transitions (think marriage, children, divorce, new job, aging parents, health scare, new diagnosis) who are struggling with being focused and healthy with all they have to juggle. The coaching partnership helps to create balance despite many competing priorities. Working with me means reclaiming joy and having a smoother transition into a new stage of life. 


Many people seek my health coaching expertise to address conditions like these: 

  • Arthritis
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Cancer, supportive nutritional care
  • Chronic fatigue, chronic pain
  • Diabetes, pre-diabetes, diabetes prevention
  • Endocrine imbalances
  • Emotional imbalances
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Life transitions
  • Women's health: pregnancy, infertility, PCOS, etc.

Integrative Health Coaching is a powerful tool.

  • I work with the whole person, take time to listen to your concerns, and ask powerful questions to help motivate you to make changes.
  • I facilitate inquiry and personal discovery.
  • I help facilitate behavior change in a structured, supportive partnership.
  • I help you to identify obstacles to change and create strategies for forward movement.
  • I provide additional resources for making healthy behavior changes.


You can expect... 

  • A partnership
  • Exploration of your vision of optimal health
  • Examination of your personal values/ reasons for wanting to make changes
  • Development of long term health goals, as well as short term action steps to support you in reaching your optimal health 
  • Accountability for your action steps in between sessions
  • Support and problem-solving for obstacles to progress
  • Resources as needed to support your long term goals and short term action steps

Don't expect...

  • A teacher/ student relationship. A true partnership hinges on the idea that you are the expert on your own life. 
  • To have goals set for you. Our work together is deeply personal and your goals will reflect your own vision of optimal health and your values, which can only be determined by you. 
  • To be told how to how to accomplish your goal. The how-to piece is a big part of our work together, but you are the expert on your own life. 
  • To be told what you should do. Every person is different and the goal in our partnership is to find the right answers for your unique life circumstances.

We are in this together, you and me. Us. We have a special bond because we are interested in connecting to our higher selves and fulfilling our purpose. Growth. Change. It’s challenging but we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty by doing the necessary work. We see the divine in the ordinary, like in that brief pause before we draw in a deep breath. We are inexhaustible optimists, not because life hasn’t reared its ugly head, but because we choose to not be calloused by it. 

You and I, we feel very humbled when we stand next to the ocean.

-Jessica Hill Powell



Text jessica directly at (502) 276-7711 or submit your contact info below 

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  • Expert advice on how to approach lifestyle change from nationally board certified health coach and Meridian Integrative Wellness founder, Jessica Hill Powell.
  • Twelve pages of self-care for mind, body & spirit to promote stress relief and resilience. 
  • A new way to examine and learn valuable information from your unhealthy coping mechanisms.
  • Meditation how-to's, including how to find time to fit it in your already busy life! 
  • Healthy boundaries as a way to honor yourself and other people simultaneously.
  • Practical tips to help you plan for good nutrition, plus a sample meal plan, grocery list and blank templates.