Goal and Stress

February 7, 2022 0 comments

Hello, friends! I'm Jessica and this is The Reclamation, a twice monthly publication from Meridian Integrative Wellness that Inspires Courageous Action for Inside Out Healing. 

Although I haven't quite been able to get back on routine for publishing posts every other Wednesday like I planned for 2022, I'm still hanging in there. This year's been a tough one so far. As we're inching closer toward spring I feel some things shifting in my own life though, and I hope you're experiencing some similar positive outlook for the future. Which brings me to today's topics: goals & stress.

Today's Post Shares These 3 Things:

  1. The difference between a goal and a wish. 
  2. Why we often procrastinate even though we really want to do something (or the result of doing something.)
  3. Decreasing stress is key when it comes to reaching goals and feeling good in the day-to-day. Consider attending the free "Release Yourself From the Stress Cycle" presentation hosted by Mt. St. Francis on February 15th.  

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said "A goal without a plan is only a wish." I wholeheartedly agree.

Who here has said some of these things, but never actually set a goal and put a plan into action to get there?! 

  • I'll start eating better in the next few weeks
  • I'll get back into the gym soon
  • I'll carve out some time for myself after this project at work is done, etc., etc., etc.

At best, these are just examples of a lack of planning. At worst, they're avoidance of doing the thing that feels like it'll be challenging.

And we all know that feelings of stress and overwhelm exacerbate procrastination.  So when stress is really high, designing and implementing a plan to achieve your goals is often delayed. Why? Because you can't handle one. more. thing.

So your goals aren't really goals anymore, are they? Since you don't have a plan in place that you're working, they're just wishes. Maybe someday... 

Whether your health goals center around managing stress or they're about eating better and moving your body more, learning how to lower your day-to-day stress will help you be more successful. 

Join me for this interactive learning experience that will leave you more resilient and better equipped to handle the stressors you're facing, and more willing and able to turn those "wishes" you have into real goals that you're working toward. 

Grab your journal, these are your action steps

Sure, you could just think about how you'll take action instead of writing it down. But I strongly urge you to talk to another human about it or leave a comment below because sharing your thoughts and ideas with others helps to build momentum, excitement and insight. And— it leads to more action! Which is precisely why you're here, you want to make some change and get healthier. 

  1. Rate your daily stress on a scale of 1-10. Do you need to employ different coping strategies to alleviate stress? 
  2. What are your current "wishes" that you'd like to transform into actual goals in the next 1-3 months?

Now until next time, you know what to do.   Grab your journal and write down your answers to the two questions above and RSVP to Release Yourself From the Stress Cycle, a presentation that's part of Mt. St. Francis' Fully Alive Health & Wellness Series.

And make sure to leave a comment on what aspects of health are you concerned about improving!

Thanks for reading, and I’ll catch you next time!

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