The 5 essential criteria for Tackling Your Next Healthy Lifestyle Change With Confidence & ClarityFinally Create Results With Real Staying Power.

Does Successful, Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle Change feel like an impossibility?

We've all been there. 

We've gotten excited about a new diet or exercise program; promised ourselves to start meditating or doing yoga in the mornings... and then after a few days or a few weeks we've given up on our healthy lifestyle change or moved on to something else.

You're not alone in this, and it's not because you're weak and lack discipline or willpower.

the 5 essential criteria you need to know to finally Implement healthy Lifestyle Change that actually sticks

With the help of some handy neuroscience, you'll learn five ways to make sure your next endeavor will be successful. 

  • Ready to get back in the driver's seat of your own well-being? 
  • Wondering what it really takes to make sustainable, healthy changes in your life?
  • Tired of beating yourself up and wondering what success secrets others have that you don't?
  • Need some tools to help you as you take on a new health goal?

" I've learned to remain mindful in small, daily actions and now have confidence that I can implement strategies to address challenges that may be impacting my wellness. I've shifted to a mindset of mindfulness that helps me be supportive parent, friend, and colleague. "

Jess B. Client, PhD, Professor

What's Inside 

Everything you need to tackle your next healthy lifestyle change with the confidence and clarity required to create new habits that actually stick.


If you learn and implement these tips, your next endeavor will be successful, plain and simple. Change is hard, but if you understand what is required for success upfront you'll reach your goals with more ease and enjoyment. 

6 step execution & Goal Planner

Who cares about learning about the neuroscience of behavior change if it isn't followed by action that's helpful to you in reaching your health goals?! This is where the rubber meets the road. You'll come away with a unique-to-you plan to implement what you learn into your real life.

Everything you need to tackle your next healthy lifestyle endeavor with confidence & clarity. You'll finally be able to make changes that have real staying power.


I'm Jessica Hill Powell

My professional expertise centers around health and behavior change. I have a degree in Psychology from Bellarmine University, am a certified Integrative Health Coach by Duke University, as well as nationally board certified. I'm also a trained yoga instructor and an aromatherapy wellness advocate.  Many modalities, one goal: physical and emotional well-being.

All of those credentials might have you assuming I'm always on my A-game, I workout consistently, eat one raspberry on Sundays as a treat and am basically in perfect health and am here to show you how to be perfect too.  My friend, that would set us both up for failure.

Here's what may surprise you: I deal with depression and anxiety and also have psoriatic arthritis, an autoimmune disease that causes my immune system to ramp up and attack my joints and skin. Learning to live fully with these experiences is why I do this work; because feeling good in your own skin can require some extra work for some of us, whether it's chronic disease, situational stress, or something else.

I am healthy and resilient because I've spent the last decade learning how to care for my physical and emotional body. I can help you learn to do the same, in your own unique way, considering your own unique life circumstances; there are no one-size-fits-all answers, after all.

What Jessica's Clients Are Saying

Megan C. - mother of 3

When I first started seeing Jessica I was pretty miserable. I was diagnosed with POTS and anemia. I experienced dizzy spells constantly throughout the day along with shortness of breath, lightheadedness, relentless stomach pains, high heart rate, and extreme fatigue. My anxiety was at an all-time high and my overall mood was at an all-time low.

Jessica eased me into a new eating plan over the course of several weeks. Together we came up with action steps, we planned for different scenarios that might derail success, and she asked some really difficult but necessary questions that helped me change my outlook. I never realized how much emotion was tied to food. I also never realized how many every day food products contained added sugar, corn syrup solids, MSG, and other additives.

One of the most important things she taught me is to measure my success by how I feel. I've been told there is no cure for POTS. But I feel a thousand times better then when I started. My dizzy spells and stomach pains are down to a handful each month. My anemia is gone as is my lightheadedness, shortness of breath, and fatigue. I'm tapering down my medicines and my heart rate is improving. I'm so thankful and grateful to have found Jessica. She is super knowledgeable, respectful, and she held me accountable. I recommend her to anyone struggling with their health.

Stephanie R. - retired chef

When I first met with Jessica I was rundown and desperate to find a diet that would support gut health.  I had tried several different approaches but was not finding relief from digestive issues that were a constant problem. Jessica patiently pulled me back from all the rabbit holes I had been going down in my search and encouraged me to be more patient with my body so that I could really listen to what it is telling me without blindly following a prescribed plan.

She taught me to forgive myself for the obstacles I had been placing in my own way, and strategies for removing those obstacles. She showed me that self discovery is not a struggle but a process of mindfulness that focuses on loving self awareness.  I still deal with some digestive issues but Jessica has taught me to approach those issues with acceptance, love, and understanding rather than frustration, disappointment, and defeat.  My work with Jessica reminds me of the parableā€¦.I was hungry.  Jessica did not just give me a fish to eat, she taught me how to fish.

Ellie P - Yoga Instructor 

One of the earlier focuses in my coaching experience was to start shifting some of my mindsets about my talents and expertise.  I lacked the confidence to put myself in a new professional setting that I had clearly been educated and prepared for much earlier.  Jessica helped me overcome my fears and pushed me to take healthy risks.  She encouraged small steps towards my big goals and vision.  When my mind and thoughts would overwhelm me she encouraged me to journal.  This activity is something I had loathed in earlier years, but during my coaching experience, I found it very therapeutic.  It help me to get my thoughts out of my head and look at was really calling me and what was more of an unnecessary distraction.  

My fearlessness has grown exponentially since my coaching experience with Jessica.  Not much will hold me back from following an intuitive nudge these days.  I approach all new challenges and opportunities with curiosity rather than dread and uncertainty.  I am grateful that Jessica assisted me in sifting through the madness of life to uncover what I really needed to be walking towards.  I am truly thriving today!