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Dr. Bass currently has a full caseload and is not accepting new clients

While Dr. Bass is not currently available, you have other options, including Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Julie Ciriano, who provides similar services virtually and at our Louisville, Kentucky office. Julie is now accepting new clients: self pay and Humana insurance.

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Interactive, COLLABORATIVE & reflective

Dr. Bass's approach to therapy is interactive, collaborative, and reflective.  Individuals often seek counseling when they have reached an impasse in life. Problems of depression, anxiety, or negative behaviors frequently reflect a loss of purpose or meaning. Stress and insecurity may affect how one handles day-to-day interpersonal and work situations. She works with individuals to explore their current life issues in the context of their past experiences and help them to develop new ways of being or interacting in relationships.

A therapeutic relationship can help you to become more aware of what feelings, wishes, thoughts, beliefs and expectations you bring into relationships with others, which is especially useful since it is inevitable that at times you will also bring them into the therapy relationship with one’s own patients. Therapy can be an opportunity to sometimes painfully confront issues such as these, sort through them and hopefully discover new ways of understanding and experiencing the self, as well as experiencing the new kinds of relationships with others.


I'm Dr. Heather Bass

I work with children, adolescents and adults utilizing psychodynamic psychotherapy, which means I attend to both conscious and unconscious motivation in people's difficulties in living fully, creatively, and freely. 

When appropriate, I use alternate techniques to facilitate expression that is otherwise not accessible through traditional means. Frequently used techniques include painting, drawing, sand or play with younger children. 

In exploring your challenges with you and interpreting these in relation to your history, your hopes, your conflicts, and your latent transformational potentials, I aim to help you develop a stronger, fuller, richer integration of personality, untangling knots, filling in gaps, releasing energy and imagination.

Together, we'll explore how your inner world of emotions and your outer world of roles and relationships are affecting each other. We'll also look at how past experiences may be contributing to current difficulties. Through our exploration we'll promote growth, change, well-being, and a deeper connection with yourself.  

Art & play therapy

My background in art therapy allows me to facilitate expression that is otherwise not accessible through traditional means. Frequently used techniques include painting, drawing, sand or play with younger children. 

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Herbalist, Licensed Massage & craniosacral THERAPIST


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