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In today's world infinite information is available at your fingertips. What foods are and aren't supportive of our health is confusing, as you can find so much conflicting information. Meridian Integrative Wellness supports you in going through an investigative process, using your own body as the barometer for what is good for you, taking into account recommendations you have from your health care providers, if any.

That means that we don't subscribe to any one diet or way of eating, rather, we help you determine what's right for your unique body and lifestyle, and provide you with one on one health coaching and/ or hands-on learning in our kitchen with our Wellness Chef to help get you closer to reaching your nutritional goals, whatever they may be. 

Rhona Kamar, Wellness Chef, author of

Rhona KamarWellness Chef, has a degree in journalism from the University of Kentucky and is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She's been creating healthy dishes for her family's restaurant Ramsi's Cafe on the World for over 20 years and is the author of, a website dedicated to healthy cooking and other practices for a life of vibrant energy.  She teaches a variety of culinary classes and series of classes, including: Love Your Heart: Moving Toward a Plant Based Diet,  Veg-Centric, Delicious plant based dishes using seasonally appropriate produce, Healthy & Easy Instant Pot Meals, and Exploring Food Sensitivity: A Six Week Elimination Diet Support Group. Rhona also writes about food, teaches cooking classes and creates personalized menus for private clients.  

Rhona in a nut-shell: Mama x3. Entrepreneur. Writer. Passionate cook. Pranajunkie.

Jessica Hill Powell, Health Coach, founder of Meridian Integrative Wellness

Jessica Hill Powell is the founder of Meridian Integrative Wellness, a business that is the embodiment of all of her passions: the psychology of change, continued education, mentorship, natural wellness, and personal growth & empowerment. She has a degree in Psychology from Bellarmine University and was trained as an Integrative Health Coach at Duke University. She's also a certified yoga instructor. Aside from her own private health coaching practice, she teaches Mid-Week Mindfulness for Stress Reduction, Aromatherapy & Mood Management, Vision Board Party, How to Whole 30 as well as our free monthly Wellness Restoration Hour. 

Jessica in a nut-shell: Mama x4. Yogi. Foodie. Gardener. Creative. Forever Student. Wellness Advocate.

Culinary & Nutrition Class Schedule

Get free access to our Natural Wellness Starter Kit.  There's a huge section on Planning for Good Nutrition that includes weekly meal planning templates and reusable grocery lists- no need to reinvent the wheel every week!