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How to Whole30 is a ninety minute, information based class, where Integrative Health Coach Jessica Hill Powell will discuss the ins and outs of the Whole 30 and allow time for Q&A's. If you've been advised by your doctor or acupuncturist to make a dietary change to exclude grains, sugar and dairy, spending an evening discussing the requirements is the first step in the process. You'll gain an understanding of the do's and don't of Whole 30, the emotional progression that comes along with changing your relationship to food, as well as life beyond the first 30 days. Once you decide you're on board with changing, Meridian Integrative Wellness also offers a support group to help you through. 

Exploring Food Sensitivity: a six week elimination diet support group is a series of classes that can benefit many people struggling with health issues. Whether you're suffering from a chronic illness or just some symptoms that are keeping you from feeling your best, an elimination diet can be crucial first step to bringing your body back into balance.  An unknown food sensitivity or intolerance nags at our immune system, keeping it on alert and creating a cascade of issues for us. In this six week series, Wellness Chef Rhona Kamar will guide you through the process with recipes, cooking tips, ingredient substitutions and emotional support. Through her own experience with a chronic illness, Chef Rhona was able to significantly reduce her symptoms through the knowledge she gained doing a therapeutic elimination diet.   

For the first 30 days of the program, we will exclude the top allergenic foods from our diets. Then we will begin to reintroduce each food one at a time over the rest of the series. This process teaches you a template for learning to explore how your body reacts to certain foods and ultimately how to create a diet that is unique to you. 


Before the program starts, you will receive guidance on getting ready for the exploration. We will provide ideas for how to shop and stock  your kitchen for the coming weeks and how to get  your body and mind ready to dive into the diet.

You will stocked and ready, with a full pantry, recipes and information to embrace this process with pleasure and curiosity. You are going to learn so much about your body these next few weeks!

Week 1: Prepare to succeed. We will review all of the guidelines of the diet and discuss great products and ingredients to replace the ones you are excluding for now. Chef Rhona will review your current typical diet and offer suggestions for how to modify it to comply with the exclusions during this period.
Week 2, 3 and 4: You will continue to receive recipes, tips and guidance from me, and support from the group. We will talk about any symptoms you might be experiencing and how to handle them. Also sometime during these 3 weeks, Chef Rhona will have a one on one phone conversation with you about how the experience is going and help you decide which foods you are going to reintroduce starting the following week.

Week 5: Reintroduction can begin, if you are ready. You may choose to continue to abstain from all of the excluded foods for another week or so. Maybe you are still having a lot of symptoms, like inflammation or digestive problems, and want to give your body another week or so to feel better. Or maybe you are feeling great and aren't ready to add back any of the foods. But if there is a food that you are really missing, this is the week that you can go ahead and have that food. We will talk about how to add back a food.

Week 6: Reintroductions of excluded foods continue, one at a time. We will talk about the role that intuition plays in this process. How to really pay attention to the big or small ways your body responds to certain foods. 

By this last week, you will have learned so much about how your body feels when you eat certain foods. You will have gained a valuable tool that you can apply to other food groups in the future if you sense a particular food is giving you problems. And you will be well on your way to creating a way of eating that is uniquely yours!

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Get free access to our Natural Wellness Starter Kit.  There's a huge section on Planning for Good Nutrition that includes weekly meal planning templates and reusable grocery lists- no need to reinvent the wheel every week!