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what Trauma-Informed Yoga clients have to say

Jennifer M.

Stay at home mom

Presenting issues:  Chronic pain, physical limitations due to a vehicle accident, anxiety, inadequate stress management, struggles with body image

Jennifer has learned that her chronic pain can be better managed and does not have to keep her from being active. She has grown in self-confidence, found increased peace and calm, and reconnected to her body in ways that benefit her day-to-day well-being.

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Before my first experience with yoga, I had no outlet for chronic pain or the anxiety it was known to bring. Finding out that even with my physical limits, I could do yoga, was life-giving. Working with Terra allowed me to build self-confidence, as she taught ways to make yoga movements work for me. Terra’s knowledge of trauma-informed yoga as a specialty, allowed me to feel grounded and have valuable life skills. Trauma-informed yoga has given me a way to bring calmness in the midst of stress, anxiety, and challenges. Yoga has given me a space to feel active again even in chronic pain. Yoga is giving me the self-confidence to figure out how to make things adapt to work for me. While my health is not perfect, I have more tools to manage my stress and chronic pain. 

Deb R.

Stay at home mom

Presenting issues:  Fear of yoga, lack of confidence

As a beginner, Deb was hesitant but curious about yoga and its benefits. Over time, she grew to love the practice and has grown in her confidence.

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Before attending Terra’s yoga classes, I had only been to a few yoga classes in my life, mainly because I was intimidated by the practice. But now I have found that I love and truly enjoy yoga, thanks to Terra’s teaching. It’s clear that Terra is experienced with yoga and has had great training, but what makes her such a wonderful teacher is her ability to make even a beginner feel comfortable and confident throughout the workout. I know that the more experienced students in our class also loved the class because they kept coming back each week.

Matt D.

Insurance Agent

Presenting issues:  High stress, physical limitations

Free time does not come easily for Matt, due to the nature of his job but he has benefited greatly from yoga when he makes the space for it. It has allowed him to grow in strength, feelings of peacefulness, and focus.

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I have a high-stress job that makes finding time to exercise challenging. I love Terra’s holistic approach to mind, body, and spirit wellness. Through yoga, I have found greater peace, focus & strength. I’m a continuous work in progress but I know the benefits from continuing the disciplines I have learned.

Kevin D.

Retired Human Resources Manager

Presenting issues:  Back, knee, elbow, and wrist pain

Yoga has become a regular part of Kevin’s self-care routine. He has become and remains pain-free. He has also learned to accept what limitations he does have, as well as accepting others unlike him.

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Before yoga I used to have periodic back pain, knee pain, elbow pain, and wrist pain over the years. No more of any of this and Terra has continued my wellness! Terra is a very personable person. She likes to know her students, their needs, and work their suggestions into her sessions. She is accepting of everyone. I’ve continued my pain-free journey, learned to accept limitations more, and learned to accept others more in the class. Aging has its issues, but the time in yoga is a very refreshing part of my week.

Jen M.

Health Coach & Personal trainer

Presenting issues:  Muscle tension, headaches, decreased range of motion, need for greater stress management

Jen is no stranger to physical exercise as a personal trainer and health coach. When consistent with her yoga practice, she has learned to better manage everyday stress and decrease her muscle tension. She has also found yoga to reduce her headaches and neck pain.

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My muscles were very tight & strained, especially in my neck & upper back. This can lead to headaches when not addressed. Consistent yoga has allowed my range of motion to improve.  It has also decreased muscle tension and tightness thus preventing a flair up of headaches and decreased neck pain. Consistent yoga allows me to better manage the stress that comes my way. The better I manage the stress, the less neck pain & headaches I have to deal with.

Sarah G. 

Stay at home mom

Presenting issues: Lack of confidence, seeking accessible movement practice, special needs parent

With practice, Sarah has learned to meet her body where it is with each practice. She has grown in her self-acceptance and become more confident in her practice. Her special needs son, who generally avoids these types of practices, has grown to appreciate them and enjoy them with her as well.

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I have been doing Terra's online yoga classes and have found them so, so helpful. Her gentle approach, with all the modifications she offers plus the kind reminders to listen to your body, not judging or comparing, being thankful for what your body is doing - all of that has been so good for me. I have tried yoga before many different times in the past and have never really liked it because I have gotten so frustrated that I couldn't "do it right." Even the fact that she led an online class when she had a head cold and wasn't feeling her best showed me that it doesn't have to be perfect. Terra's approach makes me feel like what I can do is enough, and that makes me want to stick with it…

The most pleasant surprise of all is that my children have joined me in the practice! The biggest shocker is my youngest child who has special needs and is resistant to any kind of mindfulness or breathing exercises (even though we still try to get him to practice them because it is a good tool for him to have), but he has joined me in my yoga practice three times since I started (which is A LOT for him!) He says, "Mrs. Terra is a good teacher; her voice is very kind."

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