Challenging Family Relationships + The Holidays

Family relationships can be complex and very challenging, and knowing your own boundaries can be the greatest gift that you give to yourself and others this holiday season.

Boundaries are not about building walls or otherwise creating barriers that keep others away. Healthy boundaries are a way to honor yourself and other people simultaneously. Healthy boundaries can also create an environment where your needs are more likely to be met.

Give some time to think or write about what your own boundaries are when coming together with family. Consider these questions:

  • Are there certain topics that are upsetting or otherwise off the table for you?
  • What behaviors are unacceptable for you? How will you deal with it if they come up?
  • If necessary, how can you communicate your boundaries ahead of time with your loved ones? 
  • How can you respectfully communicate that someone has overstepped your boundaries in the moment

Alternatively, how can you help to create an environment that is relaxing and enjoyable for yourself and others? 

  • What topics of conversation are interesting  and will engage others?
  • If you're hosting, what can you do to make the physical environment comforting for yourself and others? 
  • What self-care practices can you engage in prior to family gatherings that will support you in being more relaxed and grounded? 

In this season, I am most grateful for the insight I've gained through some of my most challenging experiences. I'm better able to navigate my way through life in ways that feel good to me and those I care about most. And, I'm thankful for you, your commitment to being well, physically and emotionally, and having you alongside me in the journey. 

All the best, 

Jessica Hill Powell, NBC-HWC, RYT-200
Founder + Health Coach at Meridian Integrative Wellness

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