Free Resource: Build Your Meditation Practice

Build Your Meditation Practice 

Sign up below for free access to our Build Your Meditation Practice eight week challenge. These are guided meditations that anyone can do— you start with just two minutes a day and build to twenty minutes over the course of eight weeks.

Remember, slow and steady is the surest bet to get to the sustainable change you desire.

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Watch the latest video blog post, 3 ways to avoid major stress and potential failure when trying to make healthy lifestyle changes now and learn: 1. Why resisting the urge to overhaul your entire routine, eating plan, etc is the most important thing you can do, even if you're fed-up-to-here with yourself.  2. Why choosing to start with easy doesn't mean you're lazy; it means you're smart. 3. Why micro-goals can actually help get you healthier, faster. 

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