Sober October is right around the corner, and this is your invitation to join me in abstaining from alcohol for the month.

Wait... did you get the sudden impulse to move on to something else and forget you never read that? 

Or maybe you just chuckled to yourself, thinking "hell no," while you imagined a glass of wine in your hand as soon as this work day is over?

Hear me out...

Even if you're not an alcoholic (and most of us aren't,) there are still plenty of reasons to participate in Sober October.

Alcohol use exists on a spectrum, and most of us are somewhere in the middle between the extremes of non-drinker and alcoholic. Just because our culture teaches that alcohol use doesn't have to be questioned unless you're a wreckless alcoholic, you don't have to buy that.

Wanting to take a closer look at how alcohol might play a role in your physical and mental health is reason enough to participate in Sober October

Realizing there are lots of people who aren't alcoholics that could benefit greatly from taking a break from booze, and you might be one of them, is reason enough to participate in Sober October. 

Watch the latest video blog post, It's time to take a Break from Booze and learn:

  1. Why alcohol is an easy escape, and what mixed messages it's sending your brain
  2. Why "Am I an alcoholic?" shouldn't be the only question you ask yourself before considering taking a break from booze.
  3. The side effects of going alcohol free for a month

Create Insight, Turn it into Action

And share your answers by commenting below!

  • Is alcohol getting in the way of my health, happiness, my life or my self-esteem?
  • Does it cost more than it gives? Does it shrink more than it expands? 
  • Is alcohol use in alignment with who I want to be? 
  • Would I benefit from taking a break from booze? Even for a short time?

More, please:

The Truth About ‘Unwinding’ with Alcohol

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