From the desk of Meridian Integrative Wellness founder,

Jessica Hill Powell

NBC-HWC, RYT-200, Integrative Health Coach

Hi, I'm Jessica Hill Powell. I serve clients at Meridian Integrative Wellness through my expertise in behavior change and health coaching. I'm also the founder of this business, the embodiment of all of my passions: the psychology of change, continued education, mentorship, natural wellness, and personal growth & empowerment. I have a degree in Psychology from Bellarmine University and was trained and certified as an Integrative Health Coach at Duke University, then later nationally board certified. I'm also a trained yoga instructor. Aside from my own private health coaching practice, I teach meditation and breath work, and a regularly scheduled community Wellness Restoration Hour.

Me in a nut-shell: Mama x4. INFJ. Yogi. Foodie. Feminist. Gardener. Creative. Forever Student. Wellness Advocate.

Hello and Welcome!

I'm so glad you're here, and I'm ready to help you get started. Aromatherapy is just one of many tools we offer at Meridian Integrative Wellness that can help you reclaim your personal power in your healing journey, nurture your body and gain a better sense of balance in your life.  In my own home, dōTERRA essential oils provide my family of six with safe, natural alternatives to chemical and pharmaceutical products; they've been part of my home since 2011 and I've used them safely through pregnancies, labor, on newborns and beyond to support immunity, mood and more.

You have a few options to get started. Which one of these best describes  you?  

  1. You need some guidance: You're unsure of which oils you need or how to use them: use this link  to schedule a one one one consultation. It can be held via a phone call, Zoom call or in-person and is perfect for determining the best oils for a wide range of issues including pain, respiratory, mood, sleep, allergies, digestive, immune support and much more. You may also be insterested in our free Aromatherapy + Mood class. 
  2. You already know which oils you want and how to get them at the best price: Use this link to purchase your dōTERRA essential oils as a Wholesale Customer, receiving wholesale pricing and the option to build a business in the future if you wish.
  3. You're passionate about the natural healing powers of plants and you're interested in a business opportunity: You may consider building a business with dōTERRA by becoming a Wellness Advocate. I used oils for about five years before I even began to think about it as a business and start building a team. In doing so, I've become more financially empowered and connected to others.

All the best, 

Jessica Hill Powell, NBC-HWC, RYT-200
Founder + Health Coach at Meridian Integrative Wellness

You Need Some Guidance. 

You'd like to reap the benefits and healing qualities of essential oils but you're not sure how to start or what to use. A quick consultation online or in-person is perfect for determining the best oils for a wide range of issues including pain, respiratory, mood, sleep, allergies, digestive, immune support and much more. We'll assess your current health concerns, emotional tendencies and determine your aromatic preferences in order to make the best recommendations on purchasing that will help you save!

You know what you want.

You already know that lavender diffused in your bedroom can help promote more restful sleep, incorporating bergamot into your meditation practice can help to soothe feelings of anxiousness, and dōTERRA's OnGuard Protective Blend supports immunity. So let's get to it. Click below to order as a Wholesale Customer. 

You're intrigued by the business opportunity.

You love natural wellness and you can see yourself teaching others about safe, natural alternatives to chemical and pharmaceutical products. You're seeking more financial freedom and you'd like see if a business with dōTERRA is right for you. Click below to schedule a call and we'll figure it out. 

Start learning right now!

Essential oils can support your body systems in functioning more efficiently, increasing emotional and physical wellness.  Whether you are completely new to aromatherapy or have some experience, this is the place to start. 

Get free access to 100 Uses for Essential Oils.  Learn all the aromatherapy basics to begin restoring your health, including:

  • Aromatic, topical and internal use
  • How to use essential oils for wellness, sleep, mood management and more.